Parent Routine


I savor and treasure the peace that follows sleeping children. A few moments to gather my Self. Prepare for tomorrow. Sincerely grateful to have made it through another day. Sleep and exhaustion tug and pull—but wait….This is my time! I need this. No interventions, negotiating or bargaining. Deep breaths. Pray for a beautiful day ahead. Stroller and bikes on standby. Plan the menu. What have we not had this week….? Yogurt with honey and raisins for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, maybe pasta with cheese or burritos? Take meat out of freezer and into fridge. This is my time, and it’s slipping away too damn quick! Have I forgotten anything? Do I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow….Can it wait a few days? I know I’m forgetting something….Quick shower or skip? I’ll hold off until morning. Too tired for a movie. Gotta brush my teeth. AC adjusted and water heater off. Is it safe to lie down? I know I’m forgetting something. Dammit! Have to start the dishwasher or I won’t have bottles for tomorrow. Cup of tea? No….Too sleepy. Put stinky diapers outside. Garbage truck comes in two days. I’m off the hook. Lying down again. Deep breaths. Gratitude and joy grab my heart. I know, I know….Do Laundry! 


Heath Byers 

Author of The Stay-at-Home Dad’s Quotes & Anecdotes


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