A Halloween Story….A Homeless Tale

“Where the hell are all these homeless fuckers coming from?” asked deputy A.H. while standing on a cliff overlooking the homeless camp.

“Can’t rightly say…never seen so many in one place, not before this shithole appeared,” replied the sheriff.

“They need to go on back to wherever the hell they came from,” shouted the deputy, hoping they might somehow hear him.

The sheriff and deputy were standing by…awaiting the order to bust up the homeless camp.


Zott poked at the campfire with a piece of oak. It crackled, popped and threw sparks onto his pants. He looked around at the other men who were trying to keep warm and asked, “How cold we s’pposed to get tonight?”
A few of the men grumbled out words under their breath, but were too busy trying to keep warm to talk about how cold it was gonna get. They were already too damn cold.

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